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Annuity Unveiled: Dispelling the Myths and Navigating the Truths

Thinking about an annuity or have questions about your existing one? Find the answers with our guide Annuities: The Good, Bad, and Ugly.

What's Inside

  • Case Studies

  • Misconceptions

  • Bad Annuity Practices

  • Todays Annuity Landscape

Download this guide before buying an annuity!

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BD Oxford Financial, Inc.

For over 30 years we have been helping clients work toward a safe and secure retirement.

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Barry D. Oxford

For over thirty years, Barry has had a passion for assisting others with Building and Retaining their Wealth. By working diligently and methodically with his clients, Barry can develop strategies and solutions to help gain peace-of-mind, knowing ones financial future is sustainable.  Barry believes that proper diversification, reasonable goals, coordinated with principal & income protection are among the most important requirements in retirement.


Specializing in Wealth Preservation, his goal each day is to help families maintain the wealth they have worked so hard to accumulate and provide an income they will never outlive.  He adheres to a Safety-First Strategy in every plan he develops for his clients.  


As a fiduciary, Barry is duty bound to his clients in a fiduciary relationship. He is responsible for the management and protection of their assets. Safety-First is not just a slogan it’s the foundation of everything he does for his client’s.   


He believes in taking extra time and providing the care needed to educate clients and help them understand the process and the solutions presented and help them navigate the biggest retirement hurdles with ease. Whether helping with Estate Planning, Managed Accounts, *Private Equities or guaranteed principal & income strategies, he goes above and beyond – to find the best strategy for each client every time. 


Barry is happy to travel to meet with clients should traveling to his office in Templeton, CA be an inconvenience.  

At BD Oxford Financial, we are devoted to comprehensive financial and retirement plan services.


Our focus includes principal and income guaranteed products combined with properly allocated investments as a hedge to inflation.

Our team is experienced with the ROTH-IRA Conversion process. We leverage "Other People’s Money" to pay some and in most cases all the conversion tax. With this process our clients end up with higher tax-free account values than they started with, and their future tax bills are successfully reduced or eliminated.

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