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How much tax is the government going to take from your family?

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

There will be approximately $68 trillion being transferred to the next generation over the next 25 years according to research firm Cerulli Associates... are you prepared?

Wealth transfer is a vital component of your financial strategy, and it is the final step in the financial planning process. It provides you the increased reassurance that comes with knowing that you have taken the steps necessary to prepare for the continued security of your family.

Barry Oxford of BD Oxford Financial says "Contact a qualified agent as soon as possible before touching any money, especially an IRA. Having the right adviser on your team can save your family up to 37% in tax payments from mismanaged transfers of such accounts."

The estate tax exemption has floated between $325,000 in 1984 to over $10 million today.  There’s noise in Washington about reducing the exemption.  You should ask this question...  “Where will it be in ten, twenty or thirty years?”

BDO Financial can show you how to eliminate the unknown possible future liability with little to no money out of pocket. Take a look at to contact BD Oxford Financial Incorporated for more information and a no-cost consultation.

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