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Ensuring Financial Security: Wealth Preservation Strategies at BD Oxford Financial

BDO Financial office in Downtown Templeton, California - wealth preservation and financial planning

BD Oxford Financial is proudly located in the beautiful historic Downtown of Templeton, California.

Specializing in wealth preservation, our goal each day is to help families maintain the wealth that they have worked so hard to accumulate and provide an income that they will never outlive. No matter what happens in the stock market, our clients' principal and income are safe.

We believe in taking extra time and providing the care needed to educate our clients and help them understand this process and the solutions presented, helping to navigate their biggest retirement hurdles with ease. Whether assisting with estate planning, private equities, or guaranteed principal & income strategies, we go above and beyond to find the best strategy for each client every time.

Our Comprehensive Wealth Preservation Services Include:

  • Non-Market Correlated Investments: Protect your investments from market volatility with low-risk, non-market correlated options.

  • Market-Based Portfolios: Diversify your investments with professionally managed market-based portfolios.

  • Private Equities: Access exclusive investment opportunities with our private equities services (for accredited investors only).

  • Charitable & Estate Planning: Ensure your legacy with strategic charitable and estate planning services.

  • Life Insurance: Secure your family's future with tailored life insurance policies.

  • Index Annuities: Achieve financial stability with reliable index annuities.

  • Simplified Rollover Assistance: Seamlessly transition your retirement accounts with our expert assistance.

Why Choose BD Oxford Financial?

At BD Oxford Financial, we prioritize your financial security and peace of mind. Our personalized approach ensures that every client receives tailored advice and strategies that fit their unique needs. We are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of retirement planning and wealth preservation with ease.

Learn More: For more information on our services and how we can help you secure your financial future, visit our Services page.

Non-Market Correlated Investments • Market Based Portfolios • *Private Equities • Charitable & Estate Planning • Life Insurance • Index Annuities • Simplified Rollover Assistance

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