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Megan Oxford

Branded Marketing and Communications Expert


Her Journey is a blend of creativity, strategic communication, and a passion for financial empowerment. Hailing from Rancho Cucamonga, California, Megan's path led her to San Diego State University, where she laid the groundwork for a successful career in marketing and public relations. Over 12 years in San Diego, Megan honed her skills in branded marketing, media relations, and communications, becoming a force in her field.

Her personal life flourished alongside her career. In 2014, she married Justin Oxford, and together they embarked on life's adventure, welcoming four children into their family. This partnership not only enriched their personal lives but also set the stage for a professional collaboration.


In 2024, the Oxford family made a significant move to the Central Coast, a decision that marked a new chapter not only in their lives but also in their careers. Megan, along with Justin, joined BD Oxford Financial. Here, Megan's expertise in communication and her keen understanding of marketing principles are being channeled into educating the community on retirement strategies, life insurance, annuities, and comprehensive financial planning.

Megan's transition from a successful career in marketing and public relations to a role focused on financial education and planning showcases her adaptability and commitment to making a meaningful impact in people's lives. At BD Oxford Financial, she's set to leverage her expertise to guide individuals and families toward financial security and peace of mind, demonstrating that it's never too late to pursue new avenues for growth and contribution.

Megan Oxford and Son from BD Oxford Financial
Justin Oxford and Megan Oxford from BD Oxford Financial




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